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Getting started with the GDI Goalie Development program is easy. The self-guided chapters flow from basic stance into tactical plays and team communication. Work at your own pace and learn from videos, written learning materials and drills. NEW features include Weekly NHL Game Breakdown exercises and NHL Game Clips.


Experienced Coach

Kevin Swanson

Current Goaltender Consultant for the Lethbridge Hurricanes in WHL. Kevin has been coaching goaltenders since 2003 following his retirement from hockey. He played four years in the WHL with stops in Prince George and Kelowna. As a Kelowna Rocket, he was twice named a WHL All-Star and in 1999 was drafted by the Vancouver Canucks in the 7th round, 189th overall of the NHL Entry Draft. He played two years in the Canucks farm system (ECHL) after which Kevin began his coaching career by studying and working under Ian Clark (Current Columbus Blue Jackets Goalie Coach). He has expertise in the instruction of numerous goalkeepers at the Pro, Junior and College/University levels of play and owns GDI (Goalie Development Inc.), based out of Calgary where he resides with his wife Sarah and 2 daughters Calleigh and Lauren. Kevin previously spent 6 seasons as the Goaltending Consultant with the Swift Current Broncos of the WHL.


Course Introduction


  • Coach Introduction Kevin Swanson FREE PREVIEW

Weekly NHL Condensed Game Analysis


  • NHL Game Breakdown Worksheet
  • WEEK 1: CGY vs EDM



  • Stance
  • Goalie Stance Chapter Notes
  • Blocking Butterfly
  • NHL Clips Blocking Butterfly
  • Blocking Butterfly Chapter Notes
  • Forward Leading Hands
  • NHL Clips Forward Leading Hands
  • Forward Leading Hands
  • Stance Quiz



  • Positioning Chapter Introduction
  • Angles
  • NHL Clips Angles
  • Angles Chapter Notes
  • Depth
  • NHL Clips Depth Selection
  • Depth Chapter Notes
  • Net Coverage
  • Net Coverage Chapter Notes
  • Squareness
  • NHL Clips Squareness
  • Squareness Chapter Notes
  • Positioning Chapter Summary
  • Positioning Quiz



  • Movement Chapter Introduction
  • T-Push
  • NHL Clips T-Push
  • T-Push Chapter Notes
  • Shuffle
  • NHL Clips Shuffle
  • Shuffle Chapter Notes
  • Butterfly Slide
  • NHL Clips Butterfly Slides
  • Butterfly Slide Chapter Notes
  • Knee Shuffle
  • Knee Shuffle Chapter Notes
  • Backside Push
  • NHL Clips Backside Push
  • Backside Push Chapter Notes
  • Movement Chapter Summary
  • Movement Quiz

Save Execution


  • Save Execution Chapter Introduction
  • Glove Save
  • NHL Clips Glove Saves
  • Glove Save Chapter Notes
  • Blocker Save
  • NHL Clips Blocker Saves
  • Blocker Save Chapter Notes
  • Stick Save
  • NHL Clips Stick Saves
  • Stick Saves
  • Body Save
  • NHL Clips Body Saves
  • Body Save Chapter Summary
  • Elbow/Shoulder Saves
  • NHL Clips Elbow Shoulder Saves
  • Elbow/Shoulder Save
  • Pad Saves
  • NHL Clips Pad Saves
  • Pad Save Chapter Summary
  • Save Selection Chapter Summary
  • Save Execution Quiz

Post Save Response


  • Post Save Response Chapter Introduction
  • Backside Recovery to Feet
  • NHL Clips Recovery to Feet
  • Backside Recovery to Feet Chapter Notes
  • Recover to Backside Push
  • NHL Clips Recover to Backside Push
  • Recovery to Backside Push Chapter Notes
  • Puck Collection
  • Puck Collection
  • Post Save Response Chapter Summary
  • Post Save Response Quiz

Net Play


  • Net Play Chapter Introduction
  • Post Integration
  • Post Integration Chapter Notes
  • Tracking Behind The Net
  • NHL Clips Tracking Behind the Net FREE PREVIEW
  • Tracking Behind The Net Chapter Notes
  • Post Lean (RVH) FREE PREVIEW
  • NHL Clips RVH
  • Post Lean (RVH) Chapter Notes FREE PREVIEW
  • VH
  • NHL Clips VH
  • VH Chapter Notes
  • Post Overlap
  • NHL Clips Post Overlap
  • Post Overlap Chapter Notes
  • Post Lean (RVH) Pushes
  • NHL Clips RVH Pushes
  • Post Lean (RVH) Pushes
  • Post Play Chapter Summary
  • Net Play Quiz



  • Traffic Introduction
  • Traffic Plays Chapter Notes
  • Deflections
  • NHL Clips Deflections
  • Deflections Chapter Notes
  • Screens
  • NHL Clips Screens
  • Screens Chapter Notes
  • Traffic Summary
  • Traffic Quiz

Rush Plays


  • Rush Play Chapter Introduction
  • Rush Management
  • NHL Clips Rush Management
  • Rush Management Chapter Notes
  • Breakaways
  • NHL Clips Breakaways
  • Breakaways Chapter Notes
  • Even Attacks
  • NHL Clips Even Attacks
  • NHL Clips Even Man Attacks
  • Even Attacks Chapter Notes
  • Odd Man Rush
  • NHL Clips Odd Man Attacks
  • Odd-Man Attacks Chapter Notes
  • Rush Play Chapter Summary
  • Rush Plays Quiz

Puck Handling


  • Puck Handling Introduction
  • Handling Rims
  • NHL Clips Handling Rims
  • Handling Rims Chapter Notes
  • Dump-ins
  • Dump-in Chapter Notes
  • Communication
  • Communication Chapter Notes
  • Puck Handling Summary
  • Simple Communication Glossary
  • Puck Handling Quiz



  • Passout Introduction
  • Near Side Passout
  • NHL Clips Near Side Passout
  • Near-Side Passouts Chapter Notes
  • Mid-Ice Passout
  • NHL Clips Mid Ice Passout
  • Mid-Ice Passouts Chapter Notes
  • Far Side Passouts
  • NHL Clips Far Side Passout
  • Far-Side Passouts Chapter Notes
  • Passouts Summary
  • Passouts Quiz

Lateral Feeds


  • Lateral Feeds Chapter Introduction
  • High to High
  • NHL Clips High to High Feeds
  • High to High Chapter Notes
  • High to Low
  • NHL Clips High to Low Feeds
  • High to Low Chapter Notes
  • Low to Low
  • NHL Clips Low to Low Feeds
  • Low to Low Chapter Notes
  • Low to High
  • NHL Clips Low to High Feeds
  • Low to High Chapter Notes
  • Lateral Feeds Chapter Summary
  • Lateral Feeds - Quiz

Drill Library

  • Backside Push with Passout
  • Net Drive Read
  • Net Drives
  • Backside Pushes
  • Outside Drive with Pass out
  • Battle Drill
  • Block vs React 1
  • Passout with Attack Option
  • Block Vs. React 2
  • Pass Out Options
  • Battle
  • Body Saves 2
  • Body
  • Passouts
  • Butterfly Slide with Backside Push
  • Patience - Lateral
  • Passouts with Options
  • Dump Ins
  • Change In Direction
  • Quick to Position
  • Feet vs Slide
  • Quick to Feet Patience
  • Patience
  • Deflection with Pass Option
  • Body Saves
  • Patience on Feet
  • Puckhandling
  • Puckhandle
  • Feet to Feet Drill
  • Quick to Position and Patience
  • Reacting and Blocking Saves
  • Hands and Stick
  • Rebound Control and Recovery
  • Forward Leading Hands and Elbow Shoulder
  • Forward Hands:Shoulder
  • Near and Farside Passouts
  • Shifts
  • Lateral Release
  • Screens
  • Recovery Down
  • Lateral Model
  • Lateral Feet and Slide
  • RVH and VH Intro
  • RVH and VH Reps
  • RVH Bump Offs 2
  • Lateral Feeds
  • Lateral Reads
  • RVH Mobility Active Stick
  • Lateral Release with Slide
  • RVH Mobility
  • Net Attack
  • Net Attacks - RVHVH Option
  • Net Attacks
  • RVH Movement
  • RVH_VH Reps
  • RVH with Passout
  • Net Drive
  • Recovery Up
  • Recovery (Feet)
  • High Screen with Deflection Option
  • Rims
  • Rush Management
  • Net Attack with Options
  • RVH Edge Work
  • Short Passes
  • Shuffle and T-Push Drill
  • RVH_VH Overlap Option
  • Screens and Deflections
  • Shuffle and Body Saves
  • Slide Off Post
  • Shoulder & Puck Collection
  • Slides
  • Slide with Momentum
  • Stick Saves and Recovery
  • Tracking Behind Net and Wraparounds
  • T-Push Drill
  • Movement Patterns
  • Tracking Back to Post
  • Tracking Behind Net (Feet)
  • Tracking Drill With Shuffles
  • Tracking Behind Net (Down)
  • Tracking Lateral
  • Slides 2
  • Traffic and Battle
  • Tracking Off Post

About Your Instructor

Kevin Swanson

Kevin Swanson


Kevin began coaching goaltenders in 2003 following his retirement from professional hockey. Kevin played four years of Major Junior hockey in the WHL with stops in Prince George and Kelowna. As a Kelowna Rocket, was twice named a WHL All-Star. While playing for the Rockets in 1999 Kevin was drafted by the Vancouver Canucks in the 7th round, 189th overall of the NHL Entry Draft. He played two years in the Canucks farm system. Kevin studied and worked under Ian Clark (Columbus, NHL Goalie Coach). He has expertise in the instruction of numerous goalkeepers at the NHL, Minor Pro, Major Junior and NCAA levels of play. Also, Kevin spent 6 seasons as the Goaltending Consultant with the Swift Current Broncos of the WHL.


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