Learn everything you need to know to improve your mental game. Navigate at your own pace as you watch, listen and reflect through 8 full chapters on various mental skills. Practice what you learn by completing the exercises and challenges throughout! As you are guided through this course, you will learn how to strengthen your confidence, become mentally tough and control every aspect of your game! All in one easy to understand, goalie-specific course. Leverage our experience and knowledge to enhance your mental skills and fill your mental toolbox to the brim!

Gain the mental skills you always wanted!

Have you ever wanted to know what you should be doing after you give up a goal? How about handling adversity? Or getting out of a slump? This Program will help you discover the answers to these questions and much more!

Course Curriculum

  • 1

    Welcome to the course!

    • A message from the instructor

  • 2


  • 3


    • Confidence Intro and Theory

    • Slumps and Stress

    • Smith Video Intro

    • Mike Smith Interview

    • Self-Talk

    • Self-Talk Exercise

    • Affirmations

    • Affirmation Exercise

    • Body Language

    • Confidence Inventory Exercise

    • Rinne and Hutton Video Intro

    • Pekka Rinne and Carter Hutton | Have Fun and Support Each Other

    • Confidence Quiz

  • 4


    • Visualization Intro and Theory

    • Before Visualizing

    • 10 Keys to Effective Visualization

    • Using Imagery and the Senses

    • Sport-Specific Visualization

    • Guided Visualization

    • Cammalleri Video Intro

    • Mike Cammalleri | Visualization Routine

    • Visualization Quiz

  • 5


    • Managing Emotions Intro and Mental Toughness

    • Brees Video Intro

    • Drew Brees | Staying on Even Keel

    • Body Language and Relaxation

    • Rational Emotive Behaviour Therapy

    • REBT Exercise

    • Goal Against

    • Goal Against Exercise

    • Schneider Video Intro

    • Cory Schneider | Pressure and Resilience

    • Managing Emotions Quiz

  • 6


    • Goal Setting Intro and Theory

    • Subconscious Priming

    • Types of Goals

    • SMART Goal Setting

    • Callahan Video Intro

    • Ryan Callahan | Setting Goals

    • More Info on Setting Goals

    • Goal Setting Exercise

    • Implementing Goals

    • Bolt Video Intro

    • Usain Bolt and Setting Goals

    • Goal Setting Quiz

  • 7


    • Pre-Game Preparation Intro and Superstitions

    • Goaltender Prep Video Intro

    • Goaltender Mental Prep

    • Routines

    • Routine Building Exercise

    • Pre-Game Arousal Levels

    • Tools for your Pre-Game

    • Transitioning into the Game

    • Holtby Video Intro

    • Braden Holtby | Pre-Game Preparation

    • Vision Warmup Video Intro

    • Pre Game Vision Warmup Exercises

  • 8


    • Post-Game Reflection Intro and Game Results

    • Ideal Levels

    • Kobe Video Intro

    • Kobe Bryant | Being "In the Zone"

    • Game Logs

    • Game Log Exercise

    • Reflecting

    • Extended Game Log Exercise

  • 9

    PARENT ROLE (for parents to follow!)

About Your Instructor

Sarah Murray

Sarah has a Bachelor’s degree in psychology while minoring in sociology from the University of Calgary. She has been a goaltender through most of her life, playing female Midget AAA before earning a spot on the University of Calgary Dinos womens hockey team. She has coached and mentored young goalies since 2010 and has been teaching mental skills at GDI since 2018.

Mental Skills

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  • How to Maintain Focus

  • Be Confident!

  • Visualization

  • Pre-Game Preparation

  • Managing Emotions

  • And much more....


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